This vase is approximately 152mm (6") tall . The stem has a wide flare aproximately 29mm (approximately 1&1/5"). The base is round with small bubbles which go horizontally around the ball and the bottom is ground and polished flat.
The label is in the shape of a shield. The background is metalic silver with with the words "BEST ART GLASS FOREIGN" in black, (see close up image). I believe this vase was made in Japan (see also information on Sonsco).


This green vase has a pear shaped base with mainly small bubbles but with a few larger bubbles in the centre. At the front of the base the bubbles go in an arch shape across the ball, but on the back there is a spiral. It is 177mm ( 7 inches) tall. The stem is wide at the bottom and top with a narrow waist, and the green glass is encased in clear. The bottom of the base is ground flat and polished. The label is in the shape of a crown, the background is a metalic orangy/gold (possibly faded red) colour with silver edging and writing. Unfortunately like the vase above it just states "BEST ART GLASS FOREIGN" (See images below)

The picture below shows almost identical vases in red and blue, (alongside the green one for comparison) however the bottom of their bases are not ground and polished flat, but have slightly concave bases with a tiny circle in the centre and a ring around the edge (see images below). It is possible these may not have been made for Best Art Glass, or that they were made some time apart when processes had changed, but my guess would be that they were made at the same glassworks.

This image shows two vases with the same type of base but with different stems. The bottom of their bases are the same as the blue and red vases above with slightly concave bases with ring around the edge.