These are not vases, but shot glasses. They are approximately 125mm (4 & 1/2") tall. They have a random mixture of bubble sizes in the base from tiny to large. The bottom of the bases are smooth and are slightly concave. The stems are clear and have a very wide flare of approximately 47mm (1 & 7/8ths") across the top. The labels are an oval shape, a metalic gold colour with black writing stating "Made in China" (see images below). The colours shown from the left are red, amber, green and blue. Various other colours are available, two suppliers of similar glasses are:-
Zibo Henghui Co., Ltd. (founded in 2006)
Shanxi Beyond Trading Co., Ltd. (founded 2007)

Below is a set of six shot glasses complete with box. The box tells us that these were marketed and sold by Elesva in the Netherlands. There is a logo with the words "EXCELLENT GIFT HOLLAND". The colours from left to right are: amethyst, blue, green, peach, amber and clear. (see images below). Although there is no information to say where these are made, I am including them here for now as they have exactly the same characterisics as the labelled ones above.

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