I believe this vase was made in Czechoslovakia. It still has the original box and label. The box is made from cardboard, black with a leather look finish and a gold embossed design and lettering on the lid. The interior is bright orange.
The vase is approximately 260 mm (10 2/10ths inches) tall. The base is round and has small evenly spaced bubbles that come up from the bottom in a slight spiral. It has a slightly concave bottom. The stem has a narrow flare being approximately 23mm (15/16ths of an inch) in diameter.
The paper label (see close up image) is metalic gold, with magenta colour wording around the edge: 'JAFFE ROSE, DESIGN AND QUALITY'. The centre of the label is magenta in colour with a 'tudor' type rose in gold with the letters JR underneath.

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