This green vase is approximately 150mm tall. It has a knop at the base of the stem which has been shaped into four lobes. The stem is bulbous and approximately 22mm across the top. The bottom of the base is concave.
The label is an oval shape and has a black background with metalic silver lettering. This is the label of "G Hardy Co." who were an importer of glass into Britain in the 50's & 60's.

Below is a picture (alongside for comparison) of a similar yellow/amber vase without a label. It is the same height, and the base has the same diameter. However the stem is much narrower at the bottom than the green one and is slightly wider at the top being approximately 24mm (just under 1"). These differences may only be due to the hand-made nature of the vases. Or course it may not have been made for G Hardy & co, but still made in Sweden.