Occasionally I come across a variation of the bubble vases which I cannot resist. These quality vases have just one large teardrop shaped bubble in the centre of a conical shaped base. The base is flat, though not 'ground'. NONE of the vases shown on the previous pages were made by Whitefriars, although they are often mistakenly attributed to them. However these were made by Whitefriars, (formerly James Powell & Sons), Wealdstone, Middlesex, England between 1961 and 1980. Designed by William Wilson in 1960 and made by Vincente Boffo, the pattern number was 9566 and described in the 1980 catalogue (their last one ) as such:
"9566 8" high Bud Vase (AFG S/B)". The AFG S/B refers to the available colours at that time: Aqua, flint, gold and sky blue. The colours shown here, from left to right are "twilight", "arctic blue", "ocean green","flint" and "gold flc". They were also available in sky blue (1980 catalogue page 35), silver,tangerine, and aqua. Records have shown that small batches were also made in ruby and lilac but these have not been found yet.
The gold vase in my collection has a label attached to the base, which reads WHITEFRIARS FULL LEAD CRYSTAL MADE IN ENGLAND (see below).

I have seen also seen (stuck on the stem of a blue vase) an earlier label which was used between 1950 - 1963. This label consisted of a black background with a white hooded friar in the centre, with the words "WHITEFRIARS CRYSTAL MADE IN ENGLAND" in an oval around the figure. The shape of the label was portrait/rectangular, with the rectangle being slightly rounded. See image below, (courtesy of David Encill)

Earlier label

The following image and information showing two vases in tangerine was kindly sent to me by Steve G www.sglass-wfglasscollection.blogspot.com

Tangerine vase.
Height is 8.5" inches = 21.5cm
Weight is 219 grams
Base width is 5.7cm

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